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Course Description
Hole By Hole, Harbourtowne Is A Winner

Playing to a par 70, the Habourtowne Golf Course has many Pete Dye trademarks. Narrow fairways with target landing areas, carefully placed mounds in the rough, deep bunkers, high grass bunkers, neat little ponds, walls of railroad ties, and small protected greens are just a few of the highlights of this extraordinary course.

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Hole 1 - Par 4

This par 4 starts with a conservative long iron tee-shot to a thin fairway. Avoid bunkers on both sides of the fairway and a pond lurking just to the left of the fairway. A greenside bunker shapes most of the right edge of the slender green.

Hole 2 - Par 4

This par 4 boasts a wide open fairway with a bunker and a line of trees to the left that only comes into play for the longer hitters. A longer second shot is the norm going into a very generous green with a side bunker on the right.

Hole 3 - Par 4

This par 4 challenges golfers of all abilities. With out of bounds stakes that guard the left side and tall grass mounds to the right, a well-placed tee shot is important. Another long second shot to a large green with a bunker guarding each side.

Hole 4 - Par 3

This par 3 requires a well-placed tee shot to a large green. With a marsh and a couple of bunkers, trouble lurks for any misguided tee shots.

Hole 5 - Par 4

This shorter par 4 requires a 200 yard carry over a pond from the back tees. Any tee shot that finds the other side of the pond should have a nice second shot into a large undulating green. A small front bunker penalizes any short second shot.

Hole 6 - Par 5

This par 5 provides a generous fairway that stretches the length of the hole. Two long bunkers guard the left edge of the fairway. Two straight shots will leave most golfers with a short wedge into a closely guarded green. With out of bounds to the left of the green and bunkers in the front and right edge this green challenges every golfer.

Hole 7 - Par 3

This short par 3 requires a soft shot into a large green with all areas sloping away from the hole. Two large bunkers guard both sides of the green.

Hole 8 - Par 4

This par 4 challenges golfers of all abilities. A wide fairway with tall grass mounds to the right and a bunker penalizing anything long and left. A well positioned tee shot sets up a long second to a green guarded by two large deep bunkers on the right side.

Hole 9 - Par 4

This par 4 sets up for a long tee shot, but plays more uphill than most think. A bunker guards the front of the green and requires you to be accurate with your second shot. Any pin location on this hole could be a one-stroke swing either way.

Hole 10 - Par 4

This par 4 has overhanging trees guarding both sides of the hole, yet the fairway is wider than it appears. Another 200 yard carry is required from the championship tee. A lateral hazard runs up the right side for the length of the hole. The green is slightly elevated.

Hole 11 - Par 3

Trees surround this long par 3 and a straight shot is important for success. Any shot right or left will be among the trees. A delicate touch is required around this small and frontward sloping green.

Hole 12 - Par 4

This par 4 plays longer than it appears. Trees stand tall on both edges of the fairway for the length of the hole. A straight shot is rewarded with a good look at the green. A bunker guards the front edge of this level green.

Hole 13 - Par 4

This par 4 has a slight dogleg right. A large group of trees stand at the right edge of the fairway. The back tees must carry a small pond on the left. A marsh continues on the left side to the green.

Hole 14 - Par 5

This par 5 tests your course management skills. A severe dogleg right cuts this hole in two with a half-acre pond in between. A more conservative swing is needed for the long hitter because the pond does come into play. Trees guard both sides for the length of the hole. Most second shots will have to carry the pond. The green slopes towards the golfers.

Hole 15 - Par 4

This par 4 clears your mind for the rest of the round. Trees shelter the tee boxes that look out onto a wide-open fairway. Railroad ties cut the right rough in half and create a different angle of attack. A bunker on each side guards this sideways sloping green.

Hole 16 - Par 4

This par 4 stirs some imagination. With out of bounds to the left and tall grass mounds to the right, a dead center attack is necessary. The fairway bunker should challenge the average hitter. A deep front-side bunker and two right side bunkers guard this massive undulating green.

Hole 17 - Par 3

This classic Pete Dye par 3 requires a nice short iron shot. A pond swallows up anything short. If you manage to carry the pond make sure you can carry the bunker that surrounds half the green as well.

Hole 18 - Par 4

This par 4 is great finishing hole. Out of bounds lingers on the left side for the length of the hole. The fairway is wide and only a small group of trees inhabit the right side. A fairway bunker challenges the longer hitters. A massive bunker eats up anything short of the green and two back bunkers eat up anything long.