Hotel St Michaels MD Reviews


4 stars - "A good read." by , Written on June 15, 2006 Catcher in the Rye is a fun book. It's a good book to read.
"I love this property, I visit as often as I can.  It is the perfect getaway"  -June 2011

"Perfect Escape!" - May 2011

"Nice, Quiet and Relaxing Place" - , May 2011

"This is a beautiful, relaxing spot.  The grounds are well maintained, the rooms and beds are comfortable.  I hope to return often for a "retreat" from the city. - May, 2011

"We celebrated our 40th Anniversary at Harbourtowne and enjoyed every moment of our stay" -   April, 2011

"Food & Service were phenomenal!" - April, 2011

"Staff were absolutely fabulous" - April, 2011

"I will come back again and again because of the price" - , March, 2011

"Everyone on staff were very nice and helpful"  - March, 2011

"Every member of the staff was excellent.  Professional and friendly too.  Our time here was beautiful, pleasant and we enjoyed our entire stay" - March, 2011

"This place is quiet and clean!  One of the most relaxing times away I've had.  The staff is the best, always smiling and fun, I didn't want to leave. Thank you." - , January, 2011

“Loved the property!! It was so relaxing having a glass of wine on our deck at sunset. Can't wait to return in the Fall!!” - , August, 2010

“Front Desk and Housekeeping staff are exceptional!” - August, 2010

“Our Reunion worked beautifully and was a great value! Thanks! - August 2010

“Very Relaxing Room and View” - August 2010

“Great Crab Cakes! Front Desk Staff very friendly and helpful, Loved our room/view” - August 2010

“Check in was fast and efficient, clerks were very courteous” - July 2010

“Room was comfortable and clean, Like wireless – easy” - July 2010

“Excellent Breakfast Buffet, The Front Desk quickly got us to our room before a storm, Good Experience and Excellent accommodations, Lovely Awesome place! Love the view!” - July 2010

“Front Desk were quick to respond to maintenance needs, all fixed within minutes” - July 2010

“Upon our first visit to Harbourtowne we were shown the property and available rooms by the Front Desk who were most informative and accommodating.” - June 2010

“Front Desk was terrific, very helpful, Best view ever, Can't wait to return” - June 2010

“All staff are very helpful & customer focused, Great as is!! Don't change” - June 2010

“Staff are excellent examples of customer service, we are highly impressed with the personal and friendly service” - June 2009

“Front Desk staff were very good as always” - June 2009

“Excellent lunch buffet, Excellent Facilities, Beautiful Room, love the wood-burning stove” - December 2009

“Breakfast was great!” - November 2009

“I loved your food very much” - November 2009

“Best Place to stay in St. Michaels, Hotel staff does everything to make my stay the best” - November 2009

“All staff we encountered were wonderful” - October 2009

“Beautiful Facility & Location” - October 2009

“Lovely room – Perfect Setting” - October 2009

“Food and Service were Excellent” - October 2009

“Great time on the Golf Course, Bartender was very nice and fun!” - September 2009

“Superb Food, Excellent Conference Facility” - September 2009